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Safeguarding Tanzania's Coral Reefs: The Case of Illegal Blast Fishing

Tanzania is the only country in Africa where blast fishing, (fishing with explosives), still occurs on a large scale. Besides killing and injuring fish, these blasts cause irreversible damage to coral reefs, destroying the habitats of many reef...

Socio-ecological Resilience in South Africa's Blue Economy: The Role of Marine Protected Areas

Globally there is a move to embrace ‘Blue Economies’ that promote the services the ocean provides to humankind. Ocean services include not only delivery of industries such as fisheries, mining, transport and tourism but also regulation of air qua...

Livelihood Interventions and Biodiversity Conservation in Quirimbas National Park

Coastal livelihood interventions can help communities by providing additional incomes, while protecting and maintaining resources and the environment. The identification and promotion of resilient and diversified livelihood opportunities are cruci...

Calming the Waves: Using Legislation to Protect Marine Life from Seismic Surveys

Seismic surveys, which are conducted during oil and gas exploration, produce low-frequency high-intensity noise. These surveys have been shown to negatively impact marine fauna around the world to varying degrees. Operation Phakisa is a South Afri...

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