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Nasruddin's Key: Poverty Measurement and the Government of Marginal Populations

"This paper considers the role of ‘measurement’ and other forms of poverty knowledge in a context where the nature and direction of global economic growth is creating ‘surplus populations’ suffering various forms of marginalisation in the global eco…

Women’s Roles in Armed Conflict and Their Marginalisation

"The study examined women’s roles during armed conflict and the participation of women combatants in the governance of post-conflict society. The study covered women and men who participated in the struggle but are resident in the area; women and m…

Ending the Age of the Marginal Majority An Exploration of Strategies to Overcome Youth Exclusion, Vulnerability and Violence in Southern Africa

This research is a starting point for understanding youth violence regionally. What became clear in the research process was the complexity of youth violence, particularly when a holistic approach is taken to the issues that underpin its manifestati…

How at Risk is the Central African Republic from Violent Extremism?

This report examines the need for early warning and response on violent extremism in the Central African Republic (CAR). Between October and November 2021, over 30 stakeholders were interviewed in field research conducted in Bangui and Bouar. The re…

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