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Migration, Remittances, Labour Market and Human Development in Senegal

Ce titre est également disponible en français: Migration, transferts d’argent, marché du travail et capital humain au Sénégal. The objective of this study is therefore to understand how migration and remittances may affect labour market participat…

Chute du Cours de L'or, recettes fiscales et emplois: quelle stratégie d'adaptation pour le Burkina Faso? / Decline in Gold Prices, Tax Receipts and Employment: Which Adaptation Strategy for Burkina Faso?

This working Paper is also available in English. Since 2007, Burkina Faso’s mining sector has been growing quickly, with gold replacing cotton as its biggest export. However, the decline in gold prices since 2012 has hit the Burkinabe economy ha…

L’impact du Covid-19 sur L’économie Sénégalaise: Une Perspective de Genre / The Impact of COVID-19 on the Senegalese Economy: A Gender Perspective

Like other African countries, Senegal has been hit by Covid-19 and has put in place measures to contain the epidemic. These measures impact men and women differently. To capture their effects on women's work, we use a computable general equilibrium …

Politiques Publiques et File D’attente sur le Marché du Travail au Sénégal / Public Policies and Waiting in the Senegalese Labour Market

The implementation of the Plan Sénégal Emergent (PSE) has resulted in a relatively small increase in employment among women and skilled workers, leading to a longer duration in the job queue for the latter. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has furth…

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