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Commercialisation, Deagrarianisation and the Accumulation/Reproduction Dynamic: Massive Maize Production Schemes in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

"The post-apartheid era has seen the South African government trying to reverse ‘deagrarianisation’ in the former homelands by introducing ‘modern’ farming techniques and agribusiness principles. This paper situates the massive maize schemes curren…

A Pathway to Adoption of Yield-enhancing Agricultural Technologies among the Rural Poor: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Benin

We tested a novel way of encouraging the adoption of improved maize seeds in Benin. In the treatment group, farmers were provided with intensive agricultural-extension support and a full package of inputs to test on one of their plots. In the contr…

Reducing The Maize Yield Gap In Ethiopia: Analysis And Policy Simulation

Ethiopia can be considered a success story for maize production as, apart from South Africa, it is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has shown substantial progress in maize productivity and input use. After a period of limited growth, yie…

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