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Western Sahara Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

"Since the Spanish colonial administration withdrew from Western Sahara in February 1976 and Morocco moved in to occupy the territory, the conflict that ensued between Rabat and the Polisario Front, backed by Algeria, has proven very divisive in the…

L’Inde et le Maghreb / India and the Maghreb

This paper proposes to describe and understand the relationship among the Maghreb and India, the latter being a significant as well as an emerging power in the world today. At the center of this research is the concern to better understand the posi…

Le Maghreb en 2020: Quels Constats pour Quelle Perspective ? / The Maghreb in 2020: What Observations for what Future?

Of all the African regions, the Maghreb is by far the least integrated, both politically and economically. Yet it combines the elements necessary to create a regional whole; geographical proximity, economic and social interdependence and cognitive h…

The Maghreb's Outlook Towards the Sahel: An Analysis of Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania Standpoints

The Sahel has become more prominent in policymaking circles because of its strategic importance and the urgent nature of the dangers that have become rife in the region. Unfortunately, countries in the Maghreb have been relatively sidelined in recen…

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