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Beyond the 'War on Terror' A Study of Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism in the Maghreb

"This study, although preliminary and exploratory in nature, considers the criminal justice measures taken by the governments of Algeria,Morocco and Tunisia to meet their international counter-terrorism obligations. These Maghreb countries have more…

Development and/or Security: Issues Concerning the Relationship between the European Union, the Maghreb and the Sahel

[Cette note d'information est également disponible en Français intitulé: Développement et/ou sécurité : Enjeux de la relation entre l’Union Européenne, le Maghreb et le Sahel.] This Policy Brief tackles the link between development and security i…

Le Japon et le Maghreb / Japan and the Maghreb

Japan's relations with the Maghreb are fuelled by very diversified, uneven, vested interests in countries and societies that are of interest only to Japan, but whose importance is reinforced by their linkages with the African and Middle Eastern netw…

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