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A Modelling of Ghana's Inflation Experience: 1960–2003

"The study sought to ascertain the key determinants of inflation in Ghana for the past 40 years. Stylized facts about Ghana’s inflation experience indicate that since the country’s exit from the West African Currency Board soon after independence, i…

Financial Sector Reforms, Macroeconomic Instability and the Order of Economic Liberalization: The Evidence from Nigeria

"Financial sector reforms began in Nigeria with the deregulation of interest rates in August 1987. Since then, far-reaching policy measures including the chartering of new banks, reform of the capital market and a move from direct to indirect moneta…

Managing Natural Resources: an Attempt to Clarify the Debate

The Management of natural resources is a matter of great importance, both politically, socially, environmentally and economically. The subject is, though, vast and varied and sufficiently legitimate to clarify the terms of the debate. Since it obvio…

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