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Macroeconomic Impact of Capital Flight in Sub-Saharan Africa

"This paper assesses the impact of capital flight on growth in thirty-one sub-Saharan African countries. It first considers the “macro fundamentals” hypothesis that capital flight would be lower in a country whose government adhered to “sound” macro…

Chinese Investments: A Blessing for the Central African Economy? / Les investissements chinois, une aubaine pour l’économie centrafricaine?

China recently decided to invest $15 billion CFA francs in the Central African Republic to develop the cotton sector from the crop to the ginning and textiles industries. We analyze the economic impacts of such investment on the Central African Re…

The Macroeconomic Impact of COVID-19 on Africa

This briefing tracks some of the major macroeconomic impacts that COVID-19 has had on African economies and how the pandemic has exacerbated historical structural economic deficiencies across the continent. It also provides an early analysis of the …

Comparative Study of Policy Responses to COVID-19 in LICs in Africa

This brief assesses the policy responses to COVID-19 among low-income countries (LICs) in Africa. While LICs have adopted expansionary fiscal and monetary policies in the face of economic lockdown, as well as other mitigation strategies, the scale a…

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