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Revisiting the Jobs Story: Employment Targeting in the Macroeconomic Framework

All around the world, labour employment is seen as a fundamental activity for earning incomes and securing livelihoods for people and families. Economies are therefore often preoccupied with the business of creating of jobs. The objective of the stu…

The Macroeconomic Framework & the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa: The Cases of Ghana and Malawi

"HIV/AIDS has become a leading cause of death in the African continent. It not only constitutes a serious constraint to growth and stability of most African economies and societies, but has actually begun to destroy the hard-won development. Even co…

Ghana’s Middle-Income Reality Check Part I: The Economic Dimension

"After rebasing in 2010, Ghana’s per capita GDP rose to Middle-Income Country (MIC)level as defined by the World Bank. The per capita income measure is, however, seen to be too narrow as it does not even include key economic indicators let alone imp…

Assessment Of Inflation Trends Management And Macroeconomic Effects In Ghana

"Ghana has experienced high inflation over a long period of time. Over the past thirty years, monetization of fiscal deficits and cyclical food deficits have been the principal drivers of inflation. Achieving sustained disinflation therefore depends…

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