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Poverty Reduction Strategies Towards the Millenium Development Goals: Africa's Experiences and Lessons for Nigeria

"The ECA-sponsored African Learning Group on PRSP was established to facilitate African Peer Learning and serve as a mechanism through which Africans could ensure the relevance of the PRSP approach to the continents development challenges. This pape…

South African Scenarios 2024 : Politics, Violence and Growth in the Rainbow Nation

Three different political, economic and social scenarios is presented in this paper for South Africa until the year 2024. This is one of three publications on the future of South Africa released simultaneously by the Institute for Security Studies …

More and Better Jobs: Flagship Project Final Report

Zambia’s employment challenge is about both a lack of jobs and a poor quality of jobs. Recent statistics from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) show that the (standard) unemployment rate, at 12.6% of the labour force in 2017 compared to 7.9% in …

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