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Monetary and Fiscal Actions: A Test of Their Relative Importance in Economic Stabilization in Tanzania

"This study has assessed the potency of monetary and fiscal actions in economic stabilisation in the Tanzanian Economy. The analysis used both statistical and econometric procedures. It has been found from statistical analysis that monetary and f…

Effects of Macroeconomic Policies (Fiscal, Trade, Exchange Rate, Structural Adjustment etc) on Health and Health Inequality

"The main objective of this paper is to present the literature review on the effects of macroeconomic policies on health and health inequality. The literature on this subject addresses the relevant issues in terms of macroeconomic policies developed…

Determinants of Price Dynamics in Ethiopia

In this study it is tried to uncover the determinants of recent inflationary pressures in Ethiopia. In particular, the study used both simple descriptive analysis as well as rigorous parametric analysis to trace the relationship between inflation an…

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