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Low Carbon Energy and Development in Low-income Countries Policy Lessons from a Study of the Off-grid Photovoltaics Sector in Kenya

"Sustainable energy technologies could contribute significantly to human development and economic growth in low-income countries. Public policy has an important role to play in fostering the markets for these technologies. This briefing summarises …

The Long-Term Uptake of Natural Gas in the South African Energy System

Climate change mitigation is the key policy context for considering the role of fossil fuels in the South African energy system in the long term, so the study focuses on the impact on the energy system of an economy-wide carbon constraint, and on t…

Low-Carbon Energy Transition in Africa: Insights from West Africa

A shift towards low-carbon, renewable energy sources is imperative if the worst impacts of climate change are to be avoided. Although Africa has contributed a relatively small proportion of historical carbon emissions, the continent must still play …

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