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Mauritians Praise Government's COVID-19 Response but Suspect Corruption, Distrust Politicians

The day after Mauritius recorded its first three cases of coronavirus in March 2020, the government closed the country’s borders and announced a nationwide lockdown. Schools were closed, public transport services were limited, private vehicles were …

Zambians Approve of Government's COVID-19 Response Despite Questions about Aid, Vaccines

Zambia recorded its first COVID-19 case on 18 March 2020. A week later, President Edgar Lungu closed all schools and universities, restaurants (except on a take-away basis), nightclubs, cinemas, and gyms; limited public gatherings to less than 50 pe…

The Effect of Lockdown Policies on International Trade: Evidence from Kenya

This study analyzes how Kenya’s import and export trade was affected by lockdown policies during the COVID-19 outbreak. Analysis is conducted using a weekly series of product-by-country data for the one-year period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020…

The Plight of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises amidst COVID-19: A Post Lockdown Analysis Based on Business Climate Survey

The COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent containment measures have had devastating effects on Uganda’s businesses resulting in the economy’s general slowdown. Despite the macro-level impacts, evidence at a micro-level, especially regarding the post …

COVID-19 and the Labour Market: Estimating the Employment Effects of South Africa's National Lockdown

Like most around the world, the South African government quickly implemented a relatively stringent national lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although much research documenting the pandemic’s economic effects exists, these studies are …

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