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Local Government Councils' Performance and Public Service Delivery in Uganda Kabarole District Council Score-Card Report FY 2013/2014

This policy brief presents findings from the 2013/14 assessment of Kabarole District Local Government under the Local Government Councils’ Score-card Initiative (LGCSCI). The budgetary allocation for Kabarole Local Government is likely to be increa…

Local Government Councillors and MPs Falling Short of Zimbabweans' Expectations

Local government councillors and members of Parliament (MPs) are vital cogs in a representative democracy, acting as conveyor belts between citizens and government. As the lowest tier of government in Zimbabwe, urban and rural local authorities are …

Local Governance in Benin: A Guarantee of Sustainable Development?

In Benin, since the installation of the first communal and municipal councils in February 2003, decentralization has become one of the pillars of development, making better governance in local matters a fundamental element of the process. Municipa…

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