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Land Use and Rural Livelihoods: Have they been Enhanced through Land Reform?

"It is often assumed that transferring land to rural households will provide people with valuable assets that can be productively used to enhance their livelihoods. Unfortunately, few rural people or land reform beneficiaries are perceived to be us…

Evaluating Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa: Land use and Livelihoods

"This paper addresses how land reform can contribute to enhancing land-based livelihoods. The challenge for South Africa’s land and agrarian reform programme is to alleviate the constraints to production and, in so doing, to enhance land-based live…

Southern African Agriculture and Climate Change: A Comprehensive Analysis - Lesotho

"Lesotho lies on the plateau of the southern African subcontinent. Variations in topography and micro-climate shape the country’s ecological zones—the lowlands, the foothills, the highlands, and the Senqu River Valley. Annual precipitation is highly…

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