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Liberation Heritage Route: Reminiscent of the Painful Past or a Road to the Future?

"In 2009, a series of thirteen sites within South Africa was submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) for World Heritage status. Linked together by a common narrative of the liberation struggle, the …

Dani Wadada Nabudere’s Theoretical Explanation of Imperialism: an Exemplary Contribution to its Concrete Understanding

"The purpose of this brief is to pay tribute to Dani Wadada Nabudere as a distinguished multidisciplinary African scholar of Uganda with a high academic and scholarly reputation in Africa and the rest of the world. He did much to capture the theore…

Panel Discussion on "Portugal and Africa": Developments in Mocambique and implications for South Africa

There are indications that the developments in Mocambique resulting from the revolution in Portugal are having a traumatic effect in South Africa and Southern Africa as a whole. The paper surveys changes which have taken place in Mocambique and look…

SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 6, no. 1, 1982

This issue starts with Smuts House Notes and then 3 articles follow on Supping with the devil – Zimbabwe-South Africa relations, Political and Military background to France’s intervention capability, and the proposals of the constitutional committee…

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