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Prospects of the SPLA/M's Transition into a Political Party in Sudan

"This paper argues that the predominant circumstances in Sudan are likely to prevent the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) from evolving into a political party. At present, the political class in the North has not reached a consensus …

Wars of national liberation, the super-powers and the Afro-Asian Ocean region

"The heady days of East-West detente are gone. The Wall Street Journal and the AFL-CIO representing the American labour movement - are unanimous in their verdict that "detente is dead". There is thus a growing feeling that detente has never been an …

eAfrica: The electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 2, May 2004

Reports on the second meeting of the African Partnership Forum which was held from 16-17 April 2011 to discuss issues such as peace and security, HIV/AIDS, food security, education and poverty alleviation. Reflects on some of the issues Zimbabwe has…

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