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Formal and Informal Institutions’ Lending Policies and Access to Credit by Small-Scale Enterprises in Kenya: An Empirical Assessment

"This study assessed the role of institutional lending policies among formal and informal credit institutions in determining the access of small-scale enterprises to credit in Kenya. The results of the study show that the limited use of credit refle…

Gender-based Credit Constraints and Firm Performance in Cameroon

This paper revisits the empirical literature on gender and access to formal finance by enterprises and examines the effect of financial constraints on firm performance in Cameroon. Existing literature on the importance of gender of the firm’s owner …

Bank-level Analysis of the Determinants of Lending Rate Stickiness in Uganda

This study determines the existence and drivers of the asymmetrical response of lending rates to policy rate changes in Uganda’s banking sector. Uganda’s banking system seems to be faced with sticky adjustments of lending rates following changes in …

Modelling Interest Rate Pass-through in Rwanda: Are the Interest Rate Adjustment Dynamics Symmetric or Asymmetric?

The influence of monetary policy depends on the effectiveness of the interest rate pass-through, that is the size and the speed to which changes in the central bank policy actions are transmitted to bank retail interest rates. The objective of this …

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