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The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on Exports in Least Developed Countries

"This study tries to shed some light on the actual and possible effects of the GFC on trade in LDCs, specifically focusing on the 32 states that make up the World Trade Organization’s LDC Group. The analysis is particularly important for sub-Saharan…

NAPAs and NAPs in Least Developed Countries

"The LDC Expert Group (LEG) prepared Technical Guidelines for the NAP process in 2012, based on the COP’s initial guidelines. The review of the guidelines will now take place at COP 20 in Peru, in 2014, based on comments submitted by Parties to the…

Building the Capacity of Grassroots Networks to Enhance their Understanding of Climate Change Policy Processes: Lessons from Capacity Strengthening in the Least Developed Countries for Adaptation to Climate Change

The objectives of this study are twofold. On the one hand it is attempting to demonstrate the importance of capacity building in Civil Society Organisations with regard to understanding climate change policy processes. CSO's can reach a large number…

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