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Integrated Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation into Policy-Oriented Research : Lessons from CSVR's Urban Violence Project

"This report reflects on the design and implementation of an LME plan for a policy-oriented and community based research project, identifying the benefits and challenges of conducting LME in such a research context and sharing lessons learnt in the…

Leadership Spaces for Inclusive and Transformative MEL Practice

This brief is based on a discussion paper titled Interrogating Leadership Paradigms using a Public Sector lens: creating horizontal leadership spaces for inclusive and transformative Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practice. The brief starts fro…

Interrogating Leadership Paradigms Using a Public Sector Lens: Creating Horizontal Leadership Spaces for Inclusive and Transformative Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Practice

This discussion paper starts from the premise that monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) as a performance measurement practice also has the potential to be a dynamic tool that can facilitate and support socio-economic transformation. This can on…

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