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Household Seasonal Food Insecurity in Oromiya Zone, Ethiopia: Causes

"The main objective of the study is to identify the environmental and socio-economic causes of transitory food insecurity among farm households in Oromiya Zone.The zone under consideration is one of the poorest with respect to the development of r...

NEGOS-GRN : Rapport final Etat des lieux du cadre juridique et institutionnel de la gestion des ressources naturelles et foncières au Sénégal / NEGOS - GRN The Final Report State of the Legal Framework and Institutional Management of Land and Natural Res

"The launching workshop of the project is entitled: Combating desertification and decentralized management and negotiation of natural resources and land in Sahelian Africa. It was held in Ouagadougou during April and May 2009. It concluded with th...

African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 14, no. 2, 2014

‘Security regionalism and flaws of externally forged peace in Sudan: The IGAD peace process and its aftermath’ examines the IGAD peace process in Sudan, highlighting the dynamics and relative roles of the principal actors involved. It argues that ...

South Africans’ Views on Land Reform: Evidence from the South African Reconciliation Barometer

This paper has broadly explored four important aspects of land reform in South Africa, with a view to informing the present land debate with public opinion data from the SARB surveys. Firstly, by providing a historical overview of land and proper...

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