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Evaluating Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa: Final Report

"This research has been organised mainly within the categories of the official land reform policy. Detailed information is presented in the first nine reports of this series. This final report presents, in Section 3, summary information on progress …

Land Reform and Sustainable Development in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province

"This paper focuses on one area of government policy – land reform – looking at the institutional forms that have been developed as part of that policy, the strategies being applied to implement it, the linkages between it and other areas of po…

De la Necessite d'Élaborer une Politique Fonciere: Points de Vue des Acteurs Non Gouvernementaux (Ang) Sur les Enjeux d'une Reforme Fonciere au Senegal / The Necessity to Formulate a Land Policy: Views of Non Governmental Actors on Issues of Land Reform i

The main objective of this study is to assess qualitatively and quantitatively, potential contributions of the diaspora in the overall strategy development of Cameroon and the legitimate expectations of the diaspora to create frameworks for dialogue…

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