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Zimbabwe's Turmoil: Problems and Prospects

"Brian Kagoro analyses the emergence of effective opposition politics within Zimbabwe against a background of deepening crisis.John Makumbe looks at the prospects for a transition within ZANU-PF itself. He identifies tensions within the party be...

Zimbabwe: Pointers and policies for the future

"This update makes eight points regarding Zimbabwe, three of which focus on the nature and implications of the internal situation, the remainder on the policy difficulties and permutations that SA has in dealing with this crisis. The conclusion at...

Zimbabwe at the crossroads

"The focus of this report is the violence, discontent, politicisation of land, intimidation and declining economy of Zimbabwe. The support from other countries for Zimbabwe is touched upon as well as the factors for destabilization and stabilizati...

eAfrica: The electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 2, June 2004

Stresses that successful land reform is more than just throwing people on patches of soil but it also requires helping newly settled farmers adapt to commercial techniques, build up working capital and improve knowledge of quality control and fore...

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