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Trends and Drivers of Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria

"Agriculture is the economic mainstay of the majority of households in Nigeria and is a significant sector in Nigeria’s economy. The important benefits of the agricultural sector to Nigeria’s economy include: the provision of food, contribution to...

Assessing Crop Production and Input Use Patterns in Ghana – What can we learn from the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS5)?

"Agriculture in Ghana accounts for about 40 percent of national economy, three quarters of export earnings, and employs 60 percent of the labor force. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy and the sector has served as the main driver for th...

The Determinants of Agricultural Productivity and Rural Household Income in Ethiopia

This paper aims at investigating the determinants of agricultural productivity and rural household income in Ethiopia. Three econometric models namely: Pooled ordinary least square (POLS), fixed effects (FE) and random effects (RE) model were used...

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