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Land for Agricultural Development in the Era of 'Land Grabbing': A Spatial Exploration of the 'Marginal Lands' Narrative in Contemporary Ethiopia

"In response to concerns over the potential of land leases for new agricultural projects to displace rural populations and impact food security, the Ethiopian government asserts that only ‘marginal’, ‘barren’ or ‘wasteland’ is being leased to invest…

An Investigation of the Political Economy of Land Grabs in Malawi: The Case of Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited (KCGL)

"This study aims to understand the nature of land grabs in Malawi and their implications on food security. It employs a political economy theoretical framework in the quest to establish different underlying interests held by different actors and how…

Creating a Zambian Breadbasket: ' Land Grabs' and Foreign Investments in Agriculture in Mkushi District, Zambia

"It is said that Zambia contains over 40 percent of Southern Africa’s water resources, with much of its irrigation potential unrealized. Yet, it remains to be seen if Zambia holds true as an ideal place for agricultural investments and if such comm…

'Friendship' Rice, Business of 'Land-Grabbing'? The Hubei-Gaza Rice project in Xai-Xai

"This paper examines a land deal in a state‐run irrigation scheme in Southern Mozambique to develop agriculture through technology transfers, in the context of Sino‐Mozambican bilateral relations. The project has developed in two distinct phases sin…

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