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Elite Land Grabbing in Namibian Communal Areas and its Impact on Subsistence Farmers' Livelihoods

"Large scale land acquisitions by foreign investors in Africa for agricultural purposes continue to capture attention worldwide. In recent years Namibia has received some proposals from multi-national agricultural corporations to develop large scale…

Conservation and Ecotourism on Privatised Land in the Mara Kenya: The Case of Conservancy Land Leases

"This paper investigates private sector investment in conservation and ecotourism through conservancy land leases in the Mara region of Kenya. In a recent and growing tourism development, groups of Maasai landowners are leasing their parcels of lan…

The Right to Land and Justice for Women in Africa - African Women’s Land Rights Conference

The objectives of the meeting was to share knowledge, case studies and testimonies and engage in discussion, drawing on the wide experience and empirical information on the status and new knowledge relating to Women’s Rights to Land within the conti…

Synthesis Report: The 1st Pan-Africa Non-State Actors (NSA) Policy Dialogue Meeting on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP): Working Together to Tackle the Challenges of African Agriculture – Role of NSAs

The meeting had specific objectives 1) Engagement in effective dialogue among various stakeholders to deepen the commitment and alignment of national agricultural policies and investment plans to key CAADP targets and principles; 2) capacity stren…

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