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"Home at last?" Land Conflicts in Burundi and the Right of Victims to Reparations

"This Policy Brief will assess whether reparations as a form of redress for historical injustice can be utilised to address the grievances of Burundian victims of land expropriation. The Policy Brief begins by describing the legacy of conflict and t…

African Journal on Conflict Resolution Vol. 9, No. 3, 2009

The first article in this issue 'Disruptive colonial boundaries and attempts to resolve land/boundary disputes in the Grasslands of Bamenda, Cameroon' looks at an unprecedented wave of violent land/boundary disputes between village-groups in the Gra…

The politics of resources, resistance and peripheries in Sudan

"In July 2011, Southern Sudan will become Africa’s 54th independent state. Since independence in 1956, Sudanese people have been subjected to two civil wars spanning 40 years. Factors, such as clashing identities and political marginalisation that…

Conflict Trends Issue 1 2009

This issue comprises several articles entitled as follows: 1)Resolving Land Disputes in Burundi 2)Effectively Confronting a Regional Threat: Somali Piracy 3)The Challenges of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa 4)Explaining the December 2008 Mili…

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