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The Land factor in Mining Gold Reserves in Tanzania

"In the early 1990s the discovery of large quantities of gold deposits in the Lake Victoria Basin of Tanzania seemed to be the long-awaited candle to light the way to economic growth and poverty reduction. Economic indices in gold production are goo…

Environmental Governance and Climate Change in Africa Legal Perspectives

"This book does not attempt to provide profound solutions to all the challenges posed by climate change in Africa. Rather, it aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion by investigating certain aspects of climate change and the manner in which th…

Enforcement of Environmental Crime Laws A Framework Training Manual for Law Enforcement Agencies

"This manual is intended for national trainers on environmental crime in Eastern and Southern Africa. It seeks to enable such trainers to equip police officers and other actors involved in fighting environmental crimes with knowledge and understand…

La Neutralité en Termes de Dégradation des Terres en Afrique est-elle envisageable ?/ Is Land Degradation Neutrality in Africa Possible?

At the heart of this century's top priorities are food security, environmental protection and improving the standard of living. With soaring population growth, strong industrialization exerting pressure on natural resources, and accelerating climate…

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