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Large-Scale Land Deals in Southern Africa: Voices of the People

"The dramatic growth in big land deals over the past decade is a phenomenon not specific to Southern Africa. It is part of what has been termed a ‘global land rush’ following food price spikes, financial crisis and fuel price volatility (and growin…

National and International Actors in the Orchestration of Large-scale Land Deals in Zimbabwe: What's in it for Smallholder Farmers?

"Little research has been done on the possible benefits of large-scale land deals for local communities. This work builds on a recent study that seeks to outline the potential benefits of land deals in terms of infrastructural, human and social dev…

Commercial Biofuel Land Deals & Environment and Social Impact Assessments in Africa: Three Case Studies in Mozambique and Sierra Leone

"The rapid increase in attempts by foreign investors to acquire large tracts of land in Africa for biofuel developments has generated substantial concern about their potential negative impact on the communities living in the targeted areas. This inc…

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