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No More 'Grass Grown by the Spear': Addressing Land-based Conflicts in Somaliland

Land ownership and access to land are the most frequent source of violent conflicts in contemporary Somaliland, especially in pastoral and agro-pastoral communities, which form the backbone of Somaliland’s domestic economy. The collapse of Somalia’…

Local Capacities for Peace: Addressing Land-based Conflicts in Somaliland and Afghanistan

It was the aim of the project to conduct case studies on certain land conflicts in order to generate reliable knowledge on the main causes, the conflict cycle and possible mechanisms of civil conflict resolution. In both Somaliland and Afghanista…

Managing Chieftaincy and Land Conflicts: Traditional or Modern Mechanism

"That peace and stability are pre-requisites for human development and progress is an incontrovertible dictum. But it is also recognized that conflicts are inevitable in human societies and that certain kinds of conflicts may even be necessary be…

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