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Regional Seminar for the Prevention of Violent Extremism in Central Africa and the Lake Chad Basin

Violent extremism has numerous causes and takes several forms. If this global and multidimensional nature helps to avoid confusions related to assimilating extremism to violence, extremist violence to terrorism and terrorism to a religion (Islam o...

Taking Our Security into our Hands: The Role of Vigilante Groups in the Fight against Boko Haram Terrorist Group in the Lake Chad Basin

The rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria and its spread to other parts of Lake Chad Basin has triggered the proliferation of several community defense forces, otherwise known as vigilante groups. This policy brief reveals that faced with Boko Haram att...

Cameroon’s Forceful Repatriation of Nigerian Refugees

Since Boko Haram launched its violent campaign in 2009, its reign of terror has spread well beyond Nigeria. It has asserted itself as a regional threat through a growing number of attacks and displaced people throughout the Lake Chad Basin (which ...

African Journal on Conflict Resolution Vol 19 No.1

In all five articles in this issue, some aspect of governance plays a significant role. The term ‘governance’ appears in the titles of two articles, and words such as ‘govern’, ‘government’ and ‘governance’ occur in all the articles – altogether m...

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