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The Transitional Government in Namibia: The Quest for Legitimacy

"Despite all attempts by the South African Government over the last decade to enhance the legitimacy of the various transitional arrangements, Pretoria cannot on its own transfer legitimacy to a successor government in Windhoek. Namibian independenc…

The Growth Agenda Priorities for Mass Employment and Inclusion: Jobs

"No-one disputes that South Africa needs millions of new jobs. However, the current labour market regime and the policy model underpinning it is illsuited to achieving significant employment growth. It is not possible to create millions of jobs f…

Plantation, Outgrower and Medium-scale Commercial Farming in Ghana: Which Model Provides Better Prospects for Local Development?

"The three models have different implications for rural agrarian change. The plantation and commercial farming models show more similar features and outcomes compared to the outgrower model. The outgrower model generally has more positive effects …

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