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African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 6, no. 1, 2006

This journal consists of four articles. 'Third-Party Intervention in the Mbindia Enthronement Conflict: Containment or Transformation?' analyses the intervention of a third party conflict around the appointing of a local chief. 'Women and Peace-buil…

Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Private Labor Regulation and Administrative Justice

This section provides a general description of the practice of administrative justice related to private labor complaints. It was informed by the Phase I Legal and Policy Framework Analysis conducted by the SRAJ project, as well as the Phase II fiel…

Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Findings and Recommendations from District Field Research on Administrative Justice in Practice

This report compiles all the information gleaned from the research activities, which includes both a legal and policy framework analysis and a field research effort aimed at collecting a wealth of information about administrative justice in practice…

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