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African Architecture for Peace and Security: Relevance in the Design and Difficulties in Achievement / Architecture Africaine de Paix et de Sécurité : Pertinence dans la Conception et Difficultés dans les Réalisations

The great question that challenges Africans, in the field of safeguarding peace and security, remains the question of whether the Pan-African organization which aspires to lead the continent towards peace and prosperity and the human and material re…

La RCA face au Pari de la Paix après l’Accord de Khartoum: Obstacles à éviter et Défis à Relever / CAR facing the Peace gamble after the Khartoum Agreement: Obstacles to Avoid and Challenges to Overcome

For Jimmy Carter, "We can choose to alleviate suffering. We can choose to work together for peace. We can make these changes - and we must ". In the same vein, the Norwegian political scientist, a great theorist of peace, Johan Galtung makes a disti…

La Position de l’Union Africaine sur la Question du Sahara : le Début d’un Changement / African Union Stance on the Sahara Issue: Incipient Change

Morocco’s return to its “institutional family" by joining the African Union (AU) two years ago heralds renewed hope for positive progress in terms of the Organization's stance on the Sahara issue. This comeback, however, also raises fears and appreh…

La Paix dans la Région des Grands Lacs: Lecture d’une Approche Régionale / Peace in the Great Lakes Region: Time for a Regional Approach

The countries of the Great Lakes region face the possibility of rising regional tensions which could lead to renewed violence. Relations between Uganda and Rwanda are at a historical low, and the heightened tensions between Rwanda and Burundi are en…

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