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L'ECOWAP / PDDAA Instruments et Mesures du Plan Regional d'Investissements - Note de Synthese / ECOWAP PDDAA Instruments and Measures for the Regional Investment Plan - Briefing Note

"The increase in the productivity of agriculture is a major political issue for the development of Africa. With a strong population growth of over 2% per year, West Africa is facing growing food requirements. Although these past few decades have bee…

Goana qui Soulève des Tempêtes La Grande Offensive Dont on Rêva / Goana Who Raises Storms The Great Offensive of Which one Dreams

"To end the food crisis, the president of Senegal has launched an ambitious programme of agricultural production, called the great agricultural offensive for food and abundance(Goana), which even earned him an award from the University of Gembloux, …

Note d’Alerte sur les Transactions Foncières à Grande échelle au Sénégal / Warning Note on Large Scale Land Transactions in Senegal

"The food crisis of 2008 sparked the continued rise, combined with high volatility, of world prices of cereals and other foodstuffs. At the same time, world production of major food commodities and the level of global stocks have experienced a major…

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