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Challenges of Knowledge Harvesting and the Promotion of Sustainable Development for the Achievement of the MDGS in Africa

"In the present global economy, knowledge production is taking place at a fast pace. Knowledge is also becoming obsolete rapidly. For Africa to compete globally, it is imperative that it not only has access to global knowledge, but more important...

Enhancing Institutional Leadership in African Universities: Lessons from the African Capacity Building Foundation's (ACBF) Interventions

This paper draws on the extant literature and experiences of selected ACBF-supported programs to interrogate approaches to enhancing institutional leadership in African universities. The paper posits that African universities must proactively ta...

Managing Knowledge for Development: Lessons from Kenyan Modern Biotechnology Regulatory Process

This paper shows how challenges linked to modern biotechnology - related knowledge management - contribute to the slow pace of biotechnology development in a developing country context. It draws lessons from Kenya’s experience in instituting regul...

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