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Digging Deep for Profits and Development? Reflections on Enhancing the Governance of Africa’s Mining Sector

"Africa’s wealth in mineral resources has seldom been used to the benefit of the inhabitants of the countries concerned. More often it has provided an area of contestation between governments, multinational mining companies, local communities and ar…

Paddles for Kimberley: An Agenda for Reform

"The Kimberley Process was designed to halt the phenomenon of conflict diamonds and to ensure that it would not recur. In many ways the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was a remarkable initiative in terms of its originality and scope, and i…

Taming the Resource Curse: Implementing the ICGLR Certification Mechanism for Conflict-prone Minerals

"This study deals with the challenges posed by mineral flows that may lack all of the requisite export and sourcing documentation, or that may before or during the process of mining and export financially benefit rebel groups, militias, or military …

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