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The International Criminal Court’s cases in Kenya: origin and impact

"This paper examines the origins of the ICC’s work in Kenya and the impact thereof to date as Kenya awaits the April 2013 trial of four Kenyans in the two cases before the ICC. The paper re-traces the background to the post-elections violence and si…

Taming the Demon of Kenya’s Election Violence A Strategy for the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC)

"The year 2008 became Kenya’s annus horribilis – violence by Kenyans against Kenyans was broadcasted to the world. But 2008 was also Kenya’s annus mirabilis – the year that marked a new beginning shaped by the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliat…

Beyond the numbers: Women’s Participation in the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation

"Since the end of the Cold War, much international attention has focused on identifying which factors within a mediation process contribute to sustainable peace. Research by academics and practitioners alike has identified several important areas. …

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