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Criminal Justice System in Sierra Leone

"This policy brief assesses the criminal justice system in Sierra Leone and makes pertinent recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. It focuses on policing and prosecution, prisons, the judiciary, access to just...

Sierra Leone A Country Review of Crime and Criminal Justice, 2008

"The overall objective of this study was to generate data and information that can be used to review the scale of crime and the criminal justice system in Sierra Leone, one of the African countries undergoing the African Peer Review Mechanism (APR...

To Cap or Not to Cap: The Supreme Court of Ghana

"There are fears that our present Constitutional provision leaves room for the eventuality that a determined President of the Republic may or can deliberately use his appointive power to increase, unduly, the number of Supreme Court Justices with...

The Panel System at the Supreme Court: Merits and Demerits

"The panel system at the Supreme Court means that all the Justices of the Supreme Court do not sit on all cases argued before and decided by the Supreme Court. On each occasion the Chief Justice selects Justices of the Court who should decide the ...

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