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Judicial Independence Under the APRM: From Rhetoric to Reality

"The greatest challenges to good governance in Africa lie at the intersection of two problems: (i) low horizontal and vertical accountability, and (ii) weak constitutionalism. While courts are a critical player at these intersecting fault lines, th…

Justice on Trial: Courts and Commissions in West Africa

This edition of West Africa Insight looks at the ways in which justice is being sought, and delivered, in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and The Gambia. In Burkina Faso, Sampala Balima reflects on the September verdict handed down against the 2015 military …

The Challenge of Constitutionalism and Separation of Powers Doctrine in South Sudan

This paper aims at exploring the practice of the concept of constitutionalism in South Sudan. Particularly, it assesses the extent to which the doctrine of separation of powers is practiced as it relates to vertical and horizontal power relationship…

The Importance of Judicial Independence to the Administration of Justice: The Case of South Sudan

This brief discusses the significance of judicial independence to the administration of justice, particularly in the context of South Sudan. While the brief acknowledges that maladministration is inherent in any system of governance world over, it h…

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