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The Implications of the Lisbon Treaty for the EU’s Relations with Africa

The long-awaited Lisbon Treaty, under which the European Union (EU) will be able to re-assert a dominant position internationally, streamline its internal bureaucratic processes to improve their efficiency, and speak with one voice on foreign policy…

From Dependency to Partnership: Where are AU-EU Relations Heading

This policy brief considers the prospects of the relationship between the AU and the EU maturing beyond the traditional dependency model. Although great progress has been made since the EU was established and its relationship with predominantly ex-c…

Valetta 2015 to Abidjan 2017: Recent Trends in AU-EU Migration Relations

Ahead of the fifth AU–EU Summit in November 2017, this policy brief identifies changing trends in Africa–EU migration relations under the 2007 Joint Africa– EU Strategy (JAES), the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF) and the outcomes from the…

Le Partenariat Afrique-Europe: Quel renouveau dans l’après-Covid-19 ? / The Africa-Europe Partnership: What renewal in the post-Covid-19 era?

The European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) will meet again in the month of October 2020 in a Sixth Summit of the cycle of the Joint EU-Africa Strategy which has brought them together periodically since 2000. This Summit is looming in a conte…

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