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The Face of African Infrastructure: Service Availability and Citizens' Demands

"The need for infrastructure improvements is a top-tier economic, political, and social issue in nearly every African country. Although the academic and policy literature is extensive in terms of estimating the impact of infrastructure deficits on…

Africans Increasingly Dissatisfied with Government Efforts on their Top Priority: Jobs

Even in the best of times, unemployment is a major challenge for most African countries. The continent’s relatively robust economic growth over the past two decades has failed to translate into sustained employment gains and poverty reduction. Addin…

Improving Job Matching for Zambia's Youth

To measure educational mismatch, the research team analysed nationally-representative cross-sectional survey data from the 2014 School to Work Transition Survey (STWTS) for youth aged 15 to 29. The team examined whether there are differences between…

Jobs and COVID-19: Measuring Work-Related Physical Interaction

Given the role of physical human proximity and contact in the spread of COVID-19, we build an index measuring the level of physical interaction for different occupations. Our Physical Interaction Index combines occupational work context informatio…

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