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Militias Rebels and Islamist Militants: Human insecurity and state crisis in Africa

"Militias, rebels and Islamist militants: human insecurity and state crises in Africa explores how armed non-state groups have emerged as key players in African politics and armed conflicts since the 1990s. The book is a critical, multidisciplinary…

Violent Extremism in Africa: Citizen Perspectives from the Sahel Epicenter and Periphery

The Sahel is one of Africa’s most fragile regions and suffers from multiple longstanding and overlapping challenges, including entrenched poverty, underdevelopment, climate risks, and food insecurity. These chronic vulnerabilities have been exacerba…

The Risk of Jihadist Contagion in West Africa

In 2020, for the first time in its post-independence history, West Africa could face a major crisis coupling political disturbances in the south with insecurity in the north. The combination of these two flashpoints could be catastrophic for the reg…

Spotlight on Africa: Mapping Geopolitical Trends for Quarter One 2020

As the year moves past the first quarter, a close observation of multi-dimensional developments across political, economic, social and geopolitical spheres will provide crucial insights into emerging and established trends that will impact Africa in…

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