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Violent Extremism in South Africa: Assessing the Current Threat

This report presented an overview of South Africa’s post-apartheid experience of violent extremism and assesses the threat that violent extremism currently poses to the country. A brief overview is also provided of government's responses to this ...

Radicalisation in Kenya Recruitment to al-Shabaab and the Mombasa Republican Council

"Despite a history of extremism and unconventional political developments in Kenya, relatively little empirical research has been done to determine why and how individuals join al-Shabaab and the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC). This paper is bas...

Violent Islamist Extremism and Terror in Africa

An overview of large-scale violence by Islamist extremists in key African countries, is presented in this paper. The paper seeks an overview of the evolution of the associated terrorism through quantitative and contextual analysis using various l...

“In Nigeria, we don’t want them back”: Amnesty, Defectors’ Programs, leniency measures, informal reconciliation, and punitive responses to Boko Haram

This report analyses the limitations, human rights violations, and counterproductive effects of the heavy-handed Nigerian military response to Boko Haram. It also looks at the multiple attempts at negotiating with Boko Haram, discussions of a poss...

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