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South Africa's search for security since the Second World War

South Africa’s search for security before the Second World War showed a number of characteristics that stayed consistent over the years with minor changes. The Islam in Africa will be discussed to determine if the pre-war characteristics of security…

Islam in Africa

"There are not many ideological options in Africa and I consider the chances for Islamic expansion in Africa to be as good as, if not better than, ever before. I have tried to present a brief sketch of the spread of Islam in Africa, its diversity an…

Algeria: The military versus the Mosque

This document describes the political consequences of the military coup d’etat in Algeria in January 1992. The roots of the crisis are traced to Algerian economic problems caused by the socialist government. Although Algeria is currently under milit…

Women's Rights in Islam and Somali Culture

The cultural context and experiences of women in Somaliland provide insight into both specific and universal challenges to the fulfillment of the human rights of all Somali women. For instance, the collapse of the central government eliminated leg…

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