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Illegal Migration and Policy Challenges in Nigeria

"Lack of job opportunities, poverty, and corruption force thousands of young Nigerians to leave the country every year in search of better opportunities abroad. Illegal migration out of Nigeria is increasing and is largely facilitated through forge…

‘La mal vie’: The Routes, Drivers and Politics of North African Irregular Migration

Between 2016 and 2019 irregular migration by North Africans to Europe increased noticeably. The rising numbers are driven by economic pessimism, social frustration and structural inequality. Old routes, which stretch from North African to European …

Nature versus Human Contrivance: Advancing the Centrality of Poor Governance to Irregular Migration in Africa

One of the greatest security concerns confronting the global community in recent times is irregular migration. Not only does this trigger trans-border crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, and the resurgence of slavery; it is also the major c…

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