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The Southern African Regional Clothing and Textile Industry: Case Studies of Malawi, Mauritius and Zimbabwe

"In the regional context, the SADC Trade and Investment Protocol - that is intended to further liberalise intra-regional trade in Southern Africa - has set in motion a wave of new opportunities and threats for clothing and textile firms in the regio…

What are the Critical Issues Arising from the SADC Trade Integration Process?

"There is a need for convergent bilateral and multilateral trading arrangements in SADC so as to avoid trade deflection and diversion as well as to ensure ease of administration. There is also a need to arrive at an appropriate institutional framew…

An Empirical Evaluation of Trade Potential in the Economic Community of West African States

"Specifically, it is the aim of this study to: Determine the period within which integration effects were first felt or noticed. Estimate trade potentials among ECOWAS member nations. Test for the gaps between potential and actual trade among member…

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