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Beyond Access: Addressing Digital Inequality in Africa

"Although most Africans remain disconnected from the Internet, and access to broadband services continues to be a central policy issue, the increased availability of broadband services alone will not reduce digital inequality on the continent. Whi...

Lagging ICT Adoption in SA Reflects Social and Economic Inequalities

Increasing Internet connections suggest a bridging of the digital divide yet, as more people are connected, digital inequality paradoxically increases. Inequality exists not only between people online and offline, but also between those who have t...

Botswana Telecommunications Limp a Decade after Policy changes

The telecommunication market in Botswana has experienced significant policy and regulatory changes over the last decade, which have not led to mobile market price reductions as expected. While the country seems to not have benefitted from the heav...

The AU’s Cybercrime Response: A Positive Start, but Substantial Challenges ahead

Increasingly the private sector, individuals and African governments rely on the Internet to conduct sensitive transactions and store important data. African states are lagging behind in strengthening cybersecurity and fighting cybercrime. Cybe...

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