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Internet Use Barriers and User Strategies: Perspectives from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda

Affordability is cited as one of the biggest challenges to Internet uptake and use. Some service providers and users of over-the top (OTT) platforms and applications have devised strategies that allow the OTT services to be used as communication s...

Disentangling the Broadband Divide in Rwanda: Supply-side vs Demand-side

The Rwandan telecommunications sector has shown particularly strong growth in recent years, due to a vibrant economy and championing of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the highest level. ICT is a central engine to driving Rwan...

Evolution, Status and Impact of ICT on Economic Development and Transformation in Africa: An Overview

"This paper presents an overview of the ICT evolution, status, and its future in Africa in relation to its impact on development and economic transformation of Africa. The objective of this study is to investigate the impact and implications of ...

Balancing Cyber Security and Internet Freedom in Africa

This paper discusses the current state of cyber security and policies in Africa, with a specific focus on Kenya and South Africa as continental leaders in technology. Globally, Internet freedoms are on the decline and Africa is no exception. In 20...

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