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International Migration, Remittances and Poverty Alleviation in Ethiopia

"The paper explores the impact of international remittances on the Ethiopian economy and on the livelihoods and welfare of households. It uses macroeconomic data and data from the Ethiopian urban household survey. It was found that remittance shocks…

Analyzing the Impact of Remittances on Poverty in Nigeria

Remittances are financial resource flows arising from the cross-border movement of a country’s nationals. These resources can come in the form of monetary or non-monetary, formal or informal assets, and from either internal or international sources…

The Impact of International Remittance on Poverty, Household Consumption and Investment in Urban Ethiopia: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Measures

To assess the impact of international remittances on poverty, household consumption and investment in urban Ethiopia, this study used primary household survey data collected from four major urban areas of the country namely Addis Ababa, Gonder, Hawa…

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